Detention Center to be built in Gulhifalhu

Photo: Avas

The Minister of Economic Development, Hon. Fayyaz Ismail has stated a Detention Center to hold illegal immigrants is to be built soon.

In a press conference held at the President’s Office, the Minister stated that the total number of immigrant workers who entered the country both legally and illegally have reached 250,000. He further elaborated that the reform work to find a solution for this issue is underway.

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Even though the immigrant mandate is given by Immigration, the current government has made changes in the system through the ministry.

The Ministry has further planned to carry out a regulation program within the month of July.

This will help to identify the migrants who need to be held at the detention center which can hold up to 1000 people.

The Minister also stated that quota work which is necessary to reduce the number of new illegal immigrants from entering the country is being carried out.

However, due to a lack of staff and facilities at the Ministry, there is a delay in the process.

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