Get Ready to Pamper Yourself with ‘Happiest Happy Hour’ Promotion by Coco Chic

Coco Chic has introduced the Happiest Happy Hour promotion that’s all about pampering you — it’s a flat 25% off all spa services (scrubs, organic facials, massage, manicures & more!) daily from 11am to 4pm!

If you have been working hard at practice or at the gym, a Sports Massage for runners/athletes along with a steam session is a great choice! Further, couples and friends can come together to enjoy steam sessions, massages, scrubs, detox treatments, deep tissue and thai messages as well as pedicures/manicures and Foot Massages.

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The promotion is valid until 15th of October. So don’t delay and get your fill of happy pampering, an escape in the city.

For more info contact 3000911 or 7950077

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