Izzuddin School marks a new chapter in single-session schooling policy – President

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has described the opening of Izzuddin School as a new chapter in forwarding the Administration’s single-session schooling policy.

The President made the remarks speaking after officially inaugurating the new school, and expressed his best wishes to students across the country as they commence the new academic year.

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The new school named after Sultan al-Ghazi Hassan Izzuddin Sri Kula Ranmiba Kahthiri Bawana Maharadun—the first sultan of the Huraa Dynasty and the Maldivian hero “Dhonbandaara” has purple as its official color and the motto of “Seek Truth” according to the Education Ministry.

President Solih stressed that the new school paves the way to provide holistic education and a conducive environment for the students, focused on producing intellectually capable, physically skilled and responsible citizens.

Noting that the new school was a positive development for the education sector, he expressed his hopes that Izzuddin School would take the education sector to newer heights.

With single-session education for grades 1-6, the school can accommodate 450 students. Izzudeen School marks the 212th public school in the country.

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