Medtech Maldives Bids Lowest Price For Ventilators, STO Bids Highest

As per the requisition by the government to procure ventilators, it has been revealed that Medtech Maldives proposed the lowest price while STO bid the highest.

Medtech Maldives proposed the lowest price for ventilators at MVR 288,914 each. For a total of MVR 14 million for 50 ventilators, Medtech Maldives was handed over the project under single source procurement policy by the government on 19th March. The company, today has imported 18 of these ICU ventilators and reports that another 15 ventilators are scheduled to be brought to Maldives on 15th May.

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The second lowest price was by Naadu Pvt Ltd at MVR 351,577. They proposed to bring 20 ventilators for a total of MVR 7 million.

The government reports that another Dubai company offered to bring 75 ventilators for MVR 34 million.

The highest price was presented by the state owned STO for a total of MVR 14 million for just 17 ventilators. The rates were at MVR 878,475 and 783,000 for each ventilator.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the urgency of the need for ventilators, government opted to hand over the project by single source procurement policy. However anti corruption commission is said to be checking if there was any corruption involved.

Medtech Maldives is one of the leading supplier of healthcare, medical and pharmaceutical products in the Maldives.

The medical devices they supply carry the CE mark and in selling medicines and medical devices Medtech Maldives comply with the statutory requirements and national regulations imposed by the Maldives Food & Drug Authority (MFDA). Some of the brands they provide are Abbot, Hill-Rom, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, Alere, Merivaara, Radiometer, Braun, and Carestream.

Medtech’s product ranges include laboratory equipment & reagents, hospital care consumables & dialysis solutions, radiology equipment, blood gas organizers, hospital furniture, medical diagnostic equipment, and surgical instruments & various disposables.

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