Ministry of Education to Introduce Teacher Licensing System

Ministry of Education has proposed a teacher licensing system to be introduced under the new Education Bill.

Speaking at the Parliamentary Committee on National Development and Heritage, Minister of Education Dr. Aishath Ali noted the importance of introducing a licensing system for school teachers in the Maldives in order to elevate the standard of education provided in the country. She said the requirement of a teaching license would ensure teachers to work towards attaining a certain standard in order to obtain the license.

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Speaking at the committee, State Minister for Education Dr. Abdulla Rasheed highlighted the importance of linking teacher salaries to their license so that teachers can earn more by upgrading their license. He also noted it is important that the licenses are issued for a specific period, after which the performance and work done during that period will be considered when renewing the license.

The Education Bill aims to establish a legislative framework that ensures the Right to Education specified under the Constitution of the Maldives. The bill specifies the fundamental components to be incorporated into the education system of the Maldives, and the responsibilities of the state, teachers and parents in protecting the Right to Education. The bill is currently under committee review at the parliament.

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