MIRA’s Tax Week to Begin on 6th August

Maldives Inland Revenue Authority (MIRA) have stated that their tax week will be held from 6th August to 11th August. Speaking about the tax week, the Principal Tax Officer of MIRA, Abdul Affar Abdulla stated that this event is held in order to provide awareness on taxes implemented to the public.

Affar also stated that an award under the name “Ran Laari” will be given in this event. This award will be handed over to the taxpayers who pay the highest amount of taxes to MIRA among different industries.  In additional to this, the MIRA application will be launched in this event too.

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According to MIRA, this 5-day event is held with the aim of providing a demonstration to the general public on MIRA’s work and increasing awareness on various taxes that are being implemented. Moreover, other activities include special presentations to school, MIRA “Open Day” and a blood donation camp.

This is the 5th time that MIRA has organized this event.

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