MPL Chief Denies Lease Rumours, Emphasises Ongoing Discussions

Mohamed Wajeeh, CEO of Maldives Ports Limited (MPL), on Wednesday, addressed the recent rumours surrounding the future of Maldives’ main commercial port. Contrary to reports in the media, Wajeeh confirmed that no decision has been finalised to lease the port to any external party.

Earlier in the week, speculation surfaced that a Philippine company was on the verge of securing a 25-year lease on the main commercial port. Wajeeh reassured the public that discussions regarding the port’s development are ongoing, and no potential lessees have been shortlisted or selected.

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“We are currently in talks with several interested parties regarding the development of the port,” Wajeeh stated to Atoll Times. “However, it is important to clarify that no firm decision has been reached to lease the port to any specific company.”

Several notable entities, including Dubai World and a Chinese company, have expressed interest in the project, underlining the global appeal of the Maldives’ strategic port location.

Wajeeh stressed that the process remains open to further proposals as MPL seeks the most advantageous terms for the country. Various models for the port’s development, including joint ventures and contractor finance arrangements, are under consideration.

“The ultimate goal is to identify the model that best serves the interests of our nation and its people,” Wajeeh affirmed. “We are committed to ensuring that the port’s development contributes positively to our economy and infrastructure.”

Regarding the timeline for decision-making, Wajeeh indicated that discussions will progress toward making critical decisions in the near future. He reiterated the government’s objective to relocate the commercial port to Thilafushi by the end of its term.

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