MPL to Commence Permanent Shipping of Fruits and Vegetables from India to Addu

Maldives Ports Limited (MPL) has finalised arrangements to begin the permanent shipping of fruits and vegetables from Tuticorin, India, to Addu. The first shipment is scheduled to arrive at Hithadhoo Port tomorrow at 10:00 hrs, carrying a variety of fresh produce and staples, including onions, potatoes, and eggs.

MPL CEO Mohamed Wajeeh Ibrahim shared the details with local media yesterday, stating that the initial shipment will include 150 tonnes of goods. Wajeeh highlighted that this initiative aims to establish a regular shipping route from Tuticorin to Addu, with plans to send a ship every 10 to 15 days in collaboration with Finesse, an Indian import company.

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“However, for this service to become permanent, there must be an increase in demand from Addu Atoll and Fuvahmulah,” Wajeeh noted. He expressed confidence in achieving this goal, adding that the ships could also transport household items and other goods from India.

Wajeeh is travelling to Addu today to hold discussions with local businesspersons about establishing a permanent goods shipping service. He emphasised that reducing the prices of fruits and vegetables is a high priority for President Dr Mohamed Muizzu.

Finesse has requested guarantees regarding security and demand. Wajeeh assured that security concerns would not be an issue and emphasised the importance of creating sufficient demand. “A ship can carry about 300 tonnes of goods. If we transport less than that, the costs cannot be covered,” he explained. Efforts will be made to encourage the residents and business community of Addu to utilise the shipping service fully.

In addition to supplying Addu, Wajeeh aims to use ferries to transport the shipped goods to nearby Fuvahmulah. “Arrangements must be made for this. I will address this during my visit to Addu,” he said.

Each ship is expected to carry 300 tonnes of goods, a capacity driven by the demand from resorts operating in Addu for fresh fruits and vegetables. The commencement of this permanent shipping route is anticipated to significantly impact the availability and prices of essential goods in the region, fostering economic growth and stability.

This initiative marks a significant step towards enhancing the supply chain infrastructure in the Maldives, aligning with the broader economic diversification goals set forth by the current administration.

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