MTCC’s Ukulhas Harbor Development Project Hits 72% Completion

The Ukulhas Harbor Development Project, undertaken by the Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC), has seen 72 per cent completion . 

MTCC reported that the project remains in active progress at the project site, with ongoing efforts focused on tasks such as jetty beam and slab shuttering, reinforcement, and casting work.

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The comprehensive scope of this project encompasses a range of essential tasks. Notably, harbor dredging operations totaling 4,954 cubic meters are underway. Additionally, the initiative includes the construction of a 5-meter breakwater, a 484-meter revetment, and a 264-meter quay wall. 

The development further involves the creation of a connectivity bridge, a concrete jetty, and an apron. Integral to the project’s objectives is the installation of 1,598 square meters of harbor pavement, accompanied by placement of harbor lights.

The value of the project is MVR 40.3 million.

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