HR Management can be a hectic task when multiple systems are used to manage day to day tasks. Different systems can be in place for Visa handling, Payroll processing, attendance management and benefit administration.

Modern HR managers are expected to manage multiple staff’s, remotely monitor, administer and guide employees and most importantly continue the day to day operations without a difficulty despite the fact whether the managers are in office, travelling or in a vacation in other half of the globe.

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Ideal Solution is to have HR management software which can be accessed anywhere, anytime. It should also be simple, Sophisticated and reduce manual workload. Hence the emerge of cloud based HR Management Software is unavoidable. There are some key advantages and some are listed below.

  1. Financial advantage – with no “Bricks and Mortars” required to use the programme it is less costly and even the software provider may provide it with an easy monthly retainer fee.


  1. Efficiency and Productivity – possibility of accessing via multi platforms such as PC, laptop or smart phone will increase the process efficiency. When overall process is streamline there will be a phenomenal increase in productivity.
  2. Usage and Support – Minimum runtime errors, connectivity and accessible from anywhere in the world will revolutionize the HR management. Also this will minimize the data management errors.


  1. Up to date and integrated – Employee attendance, Payroll management, overtime calculations, performance analysis, reward mechanisms are integrated in to the system where the user can make sensible data and logical decisions in no time.

Cloud based HR Management softwares are now available in Maldives customized to suit local business needs. First cloud based HR software in Maldives was launched by Laniakea Tech under the brand name “RAS”. It will be a good prospect for managers in the HR field to explore the possibilities via a demo session.

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