STO has started selling products of “Huggies” Brand

State Trading Organization (STO) has introduced products of world famous brand “Huggies” diapers and pants in to the market today. The launching ceremony of this brand was held in STO Supermarket and it was inaugurated by the Managing Director of STO, Ahmed Shaheer.

According to the Brand Manager of STO, Rasham Mohamed, huggies is the most quality and cheapest diaper brand currently in Maldives. He also stated that this diaper will be available at the same price as STO supermarket in pharmacies and STO regional outlets as well.

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“STO will be the authorized distributor of Huggies. The sale of huggies wonder pants began on 1st of this month at a 40% lesser price compared to other brands currently in Maldives. Moreover, diapers will be available at 15-20% lesser price compared to other brands” Rasham stated.

At the launching ceremony of this brand, STO offered a gift voucher of free supply of diapers for 6 months’ to Hulhumale’ Orphanage, “Fiyavathi”.

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