STO Launches a New Electronic Voting System.

STO has launched a new electronic voting system for their Annual General Meeting (AGM) this year. This system was successfully designed by STO’s IT team in order to replace the old “raising hand for voting” system. With the hard work of STO’s employees, they have solved this problem which is the most time-consuming part of any AGM.

The IT team of STO brought so much ease at their AGM this year by crafting such a system and this is a huge accomplishment for STO since there are a lot of companies who wanted to build such a system but have not been able to achieve it.

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The general manager and company secretary of STO, Aishath Shaffana Rasheed stated that they have been planning on building such a system for a long time since it took a lot of time to count the votes manually which was done up until now and with the launch of this new system, a dream came into a reality.

According to the Senior Information System Manager, Ismail Mifraah, the system was successfully designed by taking into account many factors such as making sure it was user-friendly; moreover, there are mobile applications which can do the same but since there are a lot of elderly shareholders who are not so mobile-friendly, they made sure that it is simply accessible for all.


The information system engineer of STO, Hussain Waheed stated that this system is designed by making sure that the information collected are 100% correct and that no error occurs. Additionally, importance was given in designing the security features and making it as fast as possible.

This new system was highly appreciated by the shareholders since there was no chance of an error and the votes were visible on a screen. Moreover, this system was approved by an international firm where they were auditing the ongoing votes as well.

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