The President Commences an Official Visit to Addu City

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih commenced a three-day official visit to Addu City on Saturday. A high-level government delegation is accompanying the President on the visit.

The government has embarked on an extensive development initiative in Addu City, which will transform Addu City into the region’s main economic hub. The numerous developmental projects will provide more socioeconomic opportunities for the people.

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As part of the visit, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih is scheduled to participate in project commencement ceremonies, including those for the land reclamation project and the Gan International Airport expansion project. The administration is currently engaged in significant development initiatives in Addu City.

The President would supervise the progress of various ongoing developmental projects, such as the Addu City road development project. He is also scheduled to visit the drug detoxification and community rehabilitation centre on S. Hulhumeedhoo Island.

During the visit, the President would discuss with community leaders, members of the Addu City Council, and the Women’s Development Committee to explore strategies and address relevant matters pertaining to development.

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