Microsoft in Collaboration with Dhiraagu has Launched Office 365 to Maldives

Microsoft’s Office 365 is the fastest-growing commercial product ever where it positions to respond to key trends in the digital workplace. Its components can be managed and configured through an online portal. “Microsoft Office 365” was launched into the market today in a ceremony held at Hotel Jen in collaboration with Dhiraagu; the largest telecommunication company in Maldives. This product was launched by the CEO of Dhiraagu, Ismail Rasheed.

According to Ismail, Dhiraagu is continuously working in assuring that people get the best available products in the market and that he believes that this product will make it more convenient for people to work with. “Microsoft Office 365 brings additional convenience while working especially while traveling” Ismail mentioned.

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Dhiraagu has also been appointed as the “Office Cloud Solution” partner by Microsoft; the leading software company in the world. According to the South-East Asian Chief Regional Marketing Officer of Microsoft, Rena Chai, this online portal is one of the most significant requirement in the current business environment.

Rena stated that today’s work environment requires this product evidently. In a recent research conducted by them among the CEO’s of 1494 different companies and 250 employees, all of them agreed on the requirement and importance of this product. Rena further stated that this product will be very important for Maldives.

Office 365 is designed in a way that a group of people can work together at the same time. It is easier to access video calls, voice calls, and social media through this software.This product is being used by various companies worldwide namely the largest bank of Singapore, “DBS” and the Child Protection Agency in Cambodia.

Microsoft Office Applications is produced in various versions with the aim of targeting different end-users and is designed in a way in which it is fast, reliable and user-friendly.

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