The Construction Works of Luxury and Mid-Range Flats Developing in Hulhumale’ are Ongoing at a Fast Pace

Housing Development Corporation (HDC) have stated that the construction works of luxury and mid-range flats that are being developed in Hulhumale’ are carried on at a fast pace. According to the Managing Director of HDC, Mohamed Simon, majority of these projects are being handled by  private companies.

Presently, there are a lot of new buildings ranging from luxury to mid-range constructed in Hulhumale’. For instance, 297 flats built by “Amin Avenue” is almost finished and 90 flats by “FW Construction” are ongoing too. Moreover, other projects that are ongoing include 102 flats by “Hanbo Company”, 100 flats by “Ensis Company”, 72 flats by “Renaatus”, 92 flats by “Damas”, 97 flats by “Apollo”, 69 flats by “Batch Construction”, 113 flats by “Rainbow” and 73 flats by “Jausa”.

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These projects are expected to be finished by next year where other conveniences like swimming pool, garden and gym are included in the buildings as well.

Approximately 1200 flats are being developed in Hulhumale’ currently. Moreover, the government is building 7,000 flats under Hulhumale’ development phase 2 as well.

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