Dhiraagu takes part in the “For the Oceans’ campaign

Photo Credits; avas.mv

Dhiraagu conducted a social experiment on Sunday by filling their lobby with a truckloads worth of plastic bags. This event was carried out to raise awareness about the consequences of littering into the oceans.

Thousands of plastic bags are imported into the county each year. These bags are more or less thrown out just after one use. Support for such causes is something Dhiraagu takes part in seriously and their social experiment was carried out to show support against littering of the oceans and voicing against it.

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Dhiraagu did this to be part of the international “for the Oceans” Campaign and was launched by the Dhiraagu brand ambassador, the famous athlete Abdul Gafoor Ali (Gabbe’).

Dhiraagu has planned events for both customers and employees under this campaign. Every customer and staff member upon a visit to a Dhiraagu office would be given reusable bags. Other events include awareness among school children regarding the importance of using reusable bags as well as coastal clean up. Every Dhiraagu office has been allocated with a place to collect plastic, and the collected plastic is to be exported and recycled.

Dhiraagu’s “For the Oceans” campaign is an international movement and they are one of many corporate brands taking a stand against the littering of the oceans.

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